Made using all organic ingredients to provide you with a light and refreshing seltzer with subtle flavors and underlying floral notes, similar to a champagne.


0 Sugar | 80 Calories | 2 Carbs | 5% ABV 

Another refreshing flavor in our hard seltzer lineup. The flavors of rose and pistachio meld together perfectly resulting in a unique and refreshing taste.


Lychee Jasmine

0 Sugar | 80 Calories | 2 Carbs | 5% ABV 

As this seltzer first hits your tastebuds you will immediately detect subtle notes of lychee and jasmine which are immdiately followed by the floral notes of chapagne. 


0 Sugar | 80 Calories | 2 Carbs | 5% ABV 

The tart and fragrant notes of yuzu perfectly compliment the warmth of the ginger root making this hard seltzer flavor both delicious and refreshing. 

Bergamot Lemon Lime

0 Sugar | 80 Calories | 2 Carbs | 5% ABV 

A subtle but refreshing taste of Bergamot Lime and Lemon that match perfectly with the floral flavor notes from the organic champagne yeast that is used in the fermation process. 


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